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Graduate School

Professional Development Series

Photo of Katherine Grego

"Education Abroad Opportunities"

Presented by Katherine Grego, Center for Global Engagement

September 24, 2020

Join Katherine to learn about opportunities for graduate students to travel abroad and connect with the Center for Global Engagement.

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Photo of Kristopher Fitch

"I'm Stressed. Now What?"

Presented by Kristopher Fitch

September 22, 2020

Join Kris to find out about good stress and bad stress and then, practice with him several stress relieving exercises.

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"Everything Google"

Help Desk Team

Presented by IT Support Services

August 27, 2020

Learning how to maximize your experience and utilize the main applications in Google Suite.

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"Defenders of Virtual Learning"

Dr. Kim Stokes

Presented by Dr. Kim Stokes
Instructional Design and Training Specialist

July 23, 2020

Successful online learning is the result of the power within each student who is dedicated to learning. In this workshop, Dr. Stokes talks about what it means to be an online student and discusses ways to work your course and use technology.

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