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Graduate School


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How You Can Help Graduate Education at CSU?

Many graduate students come to us already bearing the burden of undergraduate loans. For some, graduate education is not affordable. Some of the 'best and brightest' in Georgia, the region, and the nation cannot come to CSU because of a lack of support. Students who graduate from CSU often remain in the state and region, so it is in our best interest to help them afford a good graduate education from us. Graduate education is more valuable now than ever before!

You can help! Our most pressing need is more scholarships for graduate students. You can create a scholarship in your name that helps to support a graduate student. You can make it possible for intelligent and dedicated graduate students to get the advanced degrees they need to get the jobs of today and tomorrow.

There are two types of Graduate Scholarships:

  • Annual Tuition - $25,000 is needed to create an endowed (i.e. perpetual) scholarship that provides $1,000 per year.
  • Annual Stipend- $250,000 is needed to create an endowed (i.e. perpetual) stipend scholarship that provides $12,500 per year ($4,000 for tuition, and $8,500 for living expenses).

To make a gift to the Graduate School, please click here. Under "Designate My Gift", check "Would you like to support a program not listed above" and type "Graduate School" and amount you are giving.

You may also contact the office of Advancement Services at 706-507-8952 to make a contribution by telephone.