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Graduate School

Graduate Assistantship FAQs

September 22

Students classified as “non-degree” are not eligible for an assistantship.

Students classified as “provisional” are not eligible for an assistantship.

Students who are on probation are not eligible for an assistantship.

The graduate assistant is expected to enroll and earn credit for a minimum of six (6) graduate semester hours each term in which the assistantship is held; an academic load of more than 10 hours must be approved by the appropriate dean and the graduate director. Graduate assistantships during the summer term will require enrollment for a minimum of six (6) graduate semester hours.

No annual or sick leave is accrued. Graduate Assistants do not earn sick or vacation hours, please consult with your department/school/office concerning their policies. Most often GAs make up the work hours they miss.

No. When the university is closed for classes, graduate assistants are not required to work.

If the student is hired late, the employing department will decide whether to offer a reduced stipend.

A minimum of 6 credit hours.

Graduate assistants must meet a part-time enrollment minimum requirement of 6 credit hours per academic term.

Yes. Some graduate programs include requirements for undergraduate hours. Students who enroll in undergraduate courses as electives should ensure that this does not jeopardize any financial aid they might be receiving.

Yes, as long as they are able to fulfill the required hours for the graduate assistantship, meet the performance standards set by the supervisor/department, and maintain the required 3.0 GPA.

Pay rates may vary by student experience, funding source, discipline, and responsibilities specific to the appointment. For each term, Fall and Spring, Graduate Assistants are to be paid a minimum of $2,100 per term. Because the summer term is shorter and GAs may work a variable number of weeks, the GA stipend should generally be at the same rate of pay rather than the same total pay for the term.

Payment is made monthly. In summer, GAs are paid at the end of June and end of July.

Yes, all compensation paid is subject to local, state, and federal taxes.

The graduate assistantship program allows full-time graduate assistants to pay a flat, per-semester tuition rate of $25.00. Students who have part-time assistantships (1/2 time) must pay for half of their tuition. The student also pays the various fees as presented in CSU’s fee schedule.

A graduate assistant choosing to resign or terminate his/her employment must submit a letter of resignation to the departmental supervisor. A termination Personnel Action Request form must be submitted to Human Resources by the supervisor to avoid overpayment.

A graduate student may be appointed as a graduate assistant for up to two semesters (Fall and Spring), or on a semester by semester basis.

Graduate assistantships are considered part-time employees; therefore, they are ineligible for employment benefits.

Yes. Graduate assistantships require a student to enroll in a mandatory health insurance program or provide proof of insurance.

Yes. Students who do not meet the academic requirements or the requirements of the job may be terminated. Failure to perform satisfactorily the duties assigned by the supervisor could result in the termination of the assistantship. If a student's grade point average falls below 3.0 (academic probation) but remains high enough to return to 3.0 or better in the following semester, the student will have one semester to improve and return to good academic standing before the assistantship is terminated. Should a student fail to return to good academic standing after one semester, or should a student receive academic exclusion and be dismissed from the degree program, the assistantship would be terminated at once. A termination Personnel Action Request form must be submitted to Human Resources by the supervisor to avoid overpayment. Compensation will cease upon termination of the contract.

Yes. Students who participate in a 30-hour or more internship for their program are eligible to hold only a part-time graduate assistantship. The department must submit paperwork demonstrating how the student will be able to meet a 10-hour/week work commitment that is largely supervised. The Associate Provost for Graduate Education must approve the position.